This page was updated on January 7, 2019

Below are motorcycle routes that have been used for various MSTA Southeast Region events over several years.

They are in Google map format.  Just click on the links to view the routes.

There are GPS files available for each of these routes.

If you are an MSTA member and would like the GPS files for one or several of these routes just contact me.


Doug Pippin  (828) 490-8529   or e-mail at   doug.pippin@

2018 Fall Colors

Google Maps Route Preview


Click on the links to see the maps


Route 1                                                  216 miles


Route 2                                                  283 miles


Route3  select route A thru E on map        Various miles


Route 4                                                  300 miles


Route 5                                                  326 miles


Route 6                                                  269 miles


Route 7  under the bridge                            236 miles


Route 8  under the bridge                            194 miles


Route 9                                                  220 miles


Route 10                                                 215 miles


Route 11                                                231 miles


Route 12                                                214 miles


Route 13                                                251 miles


North Georgia Classic Route Preview


Click on the links to see the maps


Brasstown Bald Loop                                    100 miles


2 Lunch Loop                                              153 miles


3 States loop                                              222 miles


Deals Gap Loop                                           250 miles


East Loop                                                   243 miles


Cherohala Loop                                           254 miles


Deals Gap + Cherohala Loop                         313 miles


Joe Brown Cherohala Loop                            293 miles


Joe Brown Loop                                          165 miles


Short & Twisty                                            122 miles


Tellico Loop                                                256 miles


ADV Route 01                                             191 miles


ADV Route 02 (shorter version of Rte 01)        129 miles


ADV Route 03                                             264 miles

2018 Big Lynn Routes

Click links Below for Google Maps Preview


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142 Loop                                                         142 miles


267 Loop                                                         267 miles


3 states                                                          313 miles


5000 Curves                                                    215 miles


Asheville Loop                                                  222 miles


Asheville - Burnsville Loop                                  243 miles


Asheville Loop with 12 Bones Lunch Stop              226 miles


Erwin Loop                                                      194 miles


Mt Mitchell Loop                                               133 miles


South 222                                                       222 miles


Twisty West 6 routes various mileages                     various


Explore the Area                                                  various


ADV Motorcycle Route                                149 miles total


Note for the ADV route

Do not recalculate part1, as there is a section that will not navigate with Garmin maps.

Just follow the track for part1.

Part2 will navigate and can be re-calculated