MSTA 2019 Star Event Routes

Text Box: Please read all of the information above to ensure that your GPS routes will navigate properly.

The tracks for the routes you download are included in the file.
They’re very useful in the event that your route navigation does not follow the route.   Just follow the track.

This page was updated on May 29, 2019


GPS and printable routes for MSTA 2019 Star are now available for download.


There are links below that will preview the routes using Google maps that will allow you to see the routes in several formats


You can perform all these functions on the interactive maps


Zoom In & Out


Move the map with your mouse


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2019 MSTA Star

Google Maps Route Preview


Click on the links to see the maps


Back of the Dragon                                      191 miles


Big North                                                   287 miles


Shady Valley Loop                                       132 miles


Big South                                                   224 miles


Sparta Loop                                               190 miles


Sparta + Blue Ridge Parkway Loop                 235 miles


Lunch Ride                                                 191 miles


Short way to Lunch & Back                             57 miles


ADV Route 01                                             182 miles


ADV Route 02                                             131 miles


ADV Route 03                                             171 Miles


Dual Sport route                                         142 miles


Click link below for a Google map view of some of the local attractions near the Star motel


Local Attractions                                            Various


MSTA Star GPS Street Routes


Garmin GPS Routes


MSTA Star Printable Street Routes


Printable Routes

MSTA Star ADV GPS Routes


ADV GPS Routes


These routes are doable with the large ADV bikes.

You’ll need a GPS for these.

There are printable routes below however there are so many turns it’s suggested to navigate via GPS only


MSTA Star Printable ADV Routes


Printable Routes

MSTA Star GPS Dual Sport Route


Dual Sport Route


The dual sport route is tracks only as some of the trails will not navigate with GPS

Just load the tracks and follow.

If you want to avoid the 15 mile single track use the single track bypass track


Note: The dual sport route is for smaller dual sport bikes with appropriate tires and are not compatible with the larger ADV bikes.

These routes were created and pre-ridden by MSTA member Jim Randall.

If you have questions on the routes Jim can be contacted at (423) 963-0145


Helping Jim with GPS routing was MSTA member Doug Pippin.

If you have questions on GPS routing.

Doug can be contacted at (828) 490-8529